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The Glenview Gardeners invite you to the:
2023 Annual
Garden Wal
Glenview Gardeners
Glenview Native Habitat

Sunday, July 9 from 1:00-4:00pm

FREE to the public


This year the Glenview Gardeners Annual Garden Walk will be held Sunday July 9 from 1 – 4 pm.  We are partnering with Glenview Native Habitat (GNH), a project of Greener Glenview.  There will be a total of 6 gardens on the walk: 3 from Glenview Gardeners and 3 from GNH.  All of the GNH gardens are registered with the National Wildlife Federation as a native habitats.  


Note that Holly’s Garden is only open from 2 – 4 pm as the Lutheran Church parking lot is not open until 2 pm.

You may start at any garden and proceed in any order.


Address: 1200 Raleigh Rd

We have an old fashioned garden, mainly perennial flowers and shrubs where, hopefully, something is always blooming. We try to incorporate a variety of textures and colors as well as plants friendly to wildlife with a growing emphasis on native plants.  Our garden is a Certified Wildlife Habitat with the National Wildlife Federation.


Address: 2171 Patriot Blvd

*PARK on Mint and enter in the back by the garage*

Nestled in a townhouse community, this tiny garden planted 3 years ago proves you don't need a green thumb or large outdoor footprint to make an impact. This mini native oasis boasts a diverse array of nearly 40 native plant species. Come learn how to attract pollinators with some of the hardiest plants native to Glenview!


HOLLY'S GARDEN (Glenview Gardeners)

Address: 2238 Central Rd

Time: Open 2-4 pm only 

*PARK in the Lutheran Church parking lot at 2328 Central Road and walk east.  Please do not park in the church lot prior to 2pm. 

*Raffles Tickets for sale at this location - cash only.
You’ll find many ideas for gardening on a dime in this freestyle, NWF certified wildlife habitat garden. Aside from power tools, most everything here is upcycled, handmade, grown from seed. The plants consist primarily of a growing number of pollinator friendly native perennials, and drifts of favorite annuals (also with pollinators in mind). Trees include a collection of small ornamentals, mature weeping cherry, mature maples and pines. There is an herb garden and raised beds for vegetables and fruit and many pathways that lead the visitor throughout the many garden beds, including a new rock garden in the front. Park in the Lutheran Church Parking Lot at 2328 Central Rd. from 2-4 pm only.



Address: 34 Parkview Rd
We started planting native species plants and bushes in our yard in 2013.  Our turf grass is shrinking and the gardens are expanding!  We also planted fruit trees in our yard  in 2010.  Our vegetable garden is in the back of our lot. When those zucchinis are abundant we share them and other veggies with the neighbors. We have a unique driveway with grass growing in the small spaces of two rows of pavers.


We have created 2 rain gardens one in the front and one in back, that are supplied with water from the downspouts, when it rains!  Right now they are rather dry. We are so excited to share what we have experienced with native species while creating our "Home Grown National Park."


RICHARD & LANA'S GARDEN (Glenview Gardeners)

Address: 6509 Palma Ln, Morton Grove

*Only about 5 minutes from central Glenview*
From the tiny seeds that we plant to the giant oldies we overwinter in the garage, our garden is a labor of love that includes annuals, perennials, fruit trees and vegetables.  There are about 40 rose bushes and even a tiny pond.  We use lots of trial and error that leads to beautiful rewards.  After all when it is plants, we are not hoarding, we are botanical engineers!  Note: This garden is located in Morton Grove but is only about 5 minutes from central Glenview and is well worth the trip!  Richard and Lana are members of several garden clubs and horticultural societies; their garden is quite special.

JOHN & LYNNE'S GARDEN (Glenview Gardeners)

Address: 1237 Longmeadow Dr
As you approach the house, you may notice we had to a few changes as we lost our beautiful Japanese Maple tree (25 yrs), so this area we consider under renovation.  Our garden is planted with plants and trees to attract local wildlife.  Our backyard has a line up of rain barrels which keep our garden watered and our water bill down. The center of our backyard paradise is a tricolored beech tree.  We have 4 active Beehives from which we will have some spring honey for sale (limited supply). We also have 20 solar panels on the house which supplies energy to the house and to our Tesla. 

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