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About Glenview Gardeners

We are an eclectic group of gardeners which is comprised of a multi-generational mix, including master gardeners as well as beginning gardeners.  We all share a common love of gardens, and sincerely enjoy sharing our knowledge with each other and our community.  Throughout the year, we attend meetings, work on gardening projects, and gather together for special events.  

The Glenview Gardeners is a 501(c)(3) organization run by a leadership board, with contributions from several committees, and supported by our fabulous members.

Questions? Please feel free to contact us.

Interested? We are always welcoming new members.

Read about our history and philanthropy below.

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Our History

Garden Fence with Plants

Cottage Garden at the Kennicott House, The Grove in Glenview

During regular breakfast meetings of the Glenview Chamber of Commerce, a frequent topic of conversation was gardening.  Two members, Leo Cronin and Mort Ohren, decided to launch a new club to focus on gardening for the average homeowner.  In January 1991 the first meeting of the Glenview Gardeners was held, and the group has met monthly since then.


Originally it was called the Glenview-Golf Gardeners as its two founding members were from those communities.  Eventually “Golf” was dropped from the name as members come from Glenview as well as several other surrounding communities.


The group was envisioned as a place for men and women who enjoy gardening to gather and share information.  Leo had suggested calling it “Yardeners” to appeal to people who just wanted their yards to look nice, rather than gardening experts.  Monthly programs commenced featuring speakers on a wide variety of gardening topics to advance members' knowledge of horticulture.  A monthly newsletter was established with club news and assorted gardening information.  At the end of its first year of existence, the club hosted a December party and that tradition has continued over the years.  


Activities expanded to include field trips, discount shopping at a garden center, the annual plant exchange, garden walks, plant sales, visits to private gardens, and participation in Glenview’s July 4th parade as well as Farmer’s Market.  


In the late 2000's, the Glenview Gardeners sought to adopt a community-centered gardening project.  Members took over planting and maintaining the garden behind the Kennicott House at The Grove Historic Site in Glenview.  In 2021, a butterfly garden was created along the fence next to the existing Kennicott Garden. 


Glenview Gardeners have partnered with the Glenview Public Library for some of its programs, and the library has been the club’s regular meeting location in recent years.  The group also provides a decorative planting for the lobby desk and members have consulted with the library on other lobby plantings.

In 2020 when the COVID-19 pandemic resulted in shutdowns, the Glenview Gardeners leadership determined that many activities should continue.  The power of technology allowed us to have virtual garden walks, online plant exchange and meetings via computer.  

Guests and new members have always been welcome at meetings. 


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The Grove: Kennicott Cottage & Butterfly Gardens

The Glenview Gardeners started tending the Kennicott Garden at The Grove, a National Historic Landmark, around 2010 and is our longest running project.  This garden was originally the kitchen garden for the Kennicott family but has become increasingly shady such that only medicinal herbs and shade-loving natives thrive.  Some heirloom peonies

Butterfly Garden

Butterfly Garden at the Kennicott House, The Grove in Glenview

remain as descendants from the Kennicott era, making each spring truly special as they bloom.

In 2020, when The Grove management cleared trees and bushes from the area along the east garden fence, the Glenview Gardeners saw an opportunity to create a butterfly garden.  The soil was worked and amended; members planted more than 300 plants to attract butterflies and other pollinators.  We hope the garden will educate and inspire visitors to add pollinator friendly natives to their gardens.  The club is grateful for our generous donation partners:  Weiss Ace Hardware, Lurvey Garden Center, and neighbors of Glenview on  More information about creating a butterfly garden can be found in our Garden Resources.    

We have a dedicated committee that maintains these gardens with light weeding and planting on Saturday mornings from Spring through Fall.  If you'd like to help, please inquire via our Contact page.  

Glenview Public Library  

Providing a seasonal planter on the Information Desk at the Glenview Library is a creative outlet for members and also enjoyed by library patrons and staff.  Members have also consulted about the various plantings for the library.   

High School Scholarship Award

Glenview Gardeners has established an award for outstanding achievement in horticulture and environmental science to be given to a Glenbrook High School student.  The award is intended to encourage students with strong interest in the general improvements of the natural world as demonstrated by excelling in horticultural and environmental classes, activities and leadership.  The honor comes with a monetary award.  

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