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Glenview Gardeners' activities revolve around the sharing of garden information, work on community-based projects, and cultivating friendships.

Descriptions of our various activities follow below.  A current schedule of meetings and events can be found on the Meetings  page.  We welcome guests to all activities and meetings, with a few exceptions. New members can join at anytime through the year.

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Plant Fountain
Monthly Meetings

Meetings are held on the second Tuesday of each month at 7p.m. at the Glenview Public Library (unless otherwise indicated).  Programs are offered on various topics of interest to gardeners and are open to the public.  There is always time to chat and share plants, seeds and gardening tips. 

See our schedule.

Shade Garden with Gazebo
Newsletter Excerpt

The monthly newsletter contains a bounty of information that is quite useful and interesting.  It is emailed to members, keeping everyone informed about club business and upcoming meetings for the group, as well as highlighting other nearby meetings, webinars or sales.  The newsletter shares timely gardening tips and updates on our projects and volunteer opportunities.  Fun additions include pictures of gardens, special blooms, monthly tasks for the garden, and recipes using vegetables or herbs from the garden.  Interested in receiving the newsletter? Join now.

Saturdays at Kennicott

During the growing season, our dedicated members meet Saturday mornings at The Grove to tend the gardens at the historic Kennicott homestead.  The original kitchen garden is now filled with flowers, medicinal herbs, and shade natives. Adjacent is the butterfly and pollinator garden, created in 2021, and we are passionate about this new endeavor.  We hope it will be an inspiration to our community to add native plants attractive to butterflies and pollinators to their yards.

Read more here.

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Volunteers at the Grove
Monthly Meetings

Special Events

Members' Plant Exchange

Plants for Sale

Prior to the public Plant Sale in Spring, we gather in a member's garden to share and exchange plants split from our gardens or grown from seed.  This is one of our club's favorite events where we share in the excitement of the new growing season, discover new plants for our gardens and enjoy the host's garden. 

This event is for members.

Plant Sale

Our annual plant sale is held in the spring and open to the public.  Offering plants split from our own gardens or grown from seed, we sell sun and shade plants, flowers and vegetables, natives and cultivars.  Also available for sale are various yard and gardening supplies.  

We always look forward to this event as we love sharing plant knowledge with our community.  This is our annual fundraiser and open to the public.

Annual Plant Sale Tent

4th of July Parade

Parade Float

In July, we look forward to proudly participating in one of Glenview's best events: the 4th of July parade.  We decorate a garden-inspired "float" for the parade, and hand out flyers about the club and invitations to the annual garden walk. 

Garden Walk

The Annual Garden Walk is the highlight of the summer season!  Typically in early July, three or four members invite the public into their gardens.  We hope the visitors enjoy the various gardens, as well as get inspiration for their own plantings.  Plants and garden crafts are often sold. 

The event details, including times and addresses of the gardens, are listed on this website prior to the event.  

This event is free to the public.

Flower Garden

Holiday Potluck

Frozen Berries and Branches

In December, we gather for a holiday potluck.  We celebrate the year's bounty with food, music, and seasonal festivities.

This event is for members.

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Plant Exchange
Plant Sale
4th of July
Garden Walk
Holiday Potluck
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