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History: During regular breakfast meetings of the Glenview Chamber of Commerce, a frequent subject of conversation was gardening and the Glenview Gardeners club was born.  While specialty groups were well-established, the new group would focus on the general aspects of planning, designing, establishing and maintaining gardens and the rewards associated with both the interior and exterior landscaping of a home.  The first meeting was held in January of 1991 and the group has met every month since.

Purpose: To bring together men and women who enjoy gardening to advance the knowledge of horticulture and to promote gardening in the Village of Glenview.

Programs: Please refer to the Calender of Events page for program information.

Member benefits: Monthly newsletter, garden catalog and magazine exchange, seed & plant exchange, new member's gift, attendance raffle, workshops, private garden tours, field trips, lectures, group discounts on spring plant purchases, volunteer opportunities for community service projects, friendly garden advice and socialization, refreshments at each meeting and the annual Holiday dinner.

Location: Monthly, at 7:00 pm at JourneyCare in the Education Center - 2050 Claire Court, Glenview, unless noted on calendar.  Click Here for MAP.  The receptionist will let you in the door.  Take the elevator, which is left of the reception desk, down to our meeting room.  There is plenty of parking in their lighted parking lot! 

For more information, please refer to the Board of Directors page for contact information.

February 2016 program:

Tuesday, February 9, 7pm
"Improve your soil for plant health" - Dan Dinelli, superintendent of North Shore Country Club and
Master Gardener, will tell us about his experiences using various composts including Biochar, a material
generated by the bio-energy industry and vermi-compost, used in organic gardening.

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